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BRICKrhetoric is an online literary and visual arts journal. Established in Chicago in 2009, BRICKrhetoric features original poetry, prose, artwork and photography with a multicultural and urban focus.

BRICKrhetoric is committed to providing a canvas for emerging and established writers/artists alike to illuminate topics in the humanities for the discovery and enjoyment of our readers.

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BRICKrhetoric was founded in November 2009 on the campus of East-West University in Chicago, IL. We initially invited submissions from students, faculty, staff & friends of the university, and were happy to produce our first three issues.

In December 2010, BRICKrhetoric became independently-run by a small group of volunteers, and through the addition of our K-12 subsidiary, we shifted our focus to include students throughout Chicagoland (and beyond) to:

  • · support literacy
  • · promote cross-cultural perspective
  • · celebrate the literary/visual arts, and
  • · provide a canvas for writers/artists (of any age) to share their work



Daniel Kwiatkowski  •  Aletheia Wang  •  Lilian Kong  •  Galya Dimitrova  •   Lee Guyette  •   Molly Williams  •  Brandon Chow   •  Laura Wallace  •  Melissa McEwen  •  Jaclyn Smith  •  Fred Rweru  •  Kevin Sexton  •  Hussein Kobeissi  •  Elizabeth Genovise  •  Amity Davis  •  Sarah Khan