Garmann, Gerburg

gerburg_garmannGerburg Garmann, a native of Germany, is a professor of German and French at the University of Indianapolis. Her scholarly publications have appeared in both German and French in international journals, and her poems have been featured in various magazines and anthologies around the world, including The Adirondack Review, Dichtungsring, gangway, Die Gazette, Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift, In Posse Review, In ein anderes Blau, and Lyrikwelt. A strong believer in interdisciplinary artistic endeavors, she is also a painter concentrating on Abstract Expressionism:

Painting is yet another foreign language for me and allows for aesthetic expression inform of color, shape, thought, and passion. It is a language, which can be shared by many, verbally and non-verbally. Because paintings (just as other forms of art) provide symbolic as well as real meeting grounds of the spiritual and our day-to-day experiences, they solicit our reaction no matter whether our engagement with the actual piece of art ends up in affection or dislike, in affirmation or disapproval. In the end, all artwork manifests a story, or at least a small sliver of a de-centered plot.

Gerburg Garmann had several solo exhibitions and participated in national group exhibitions. Currently, she is working on a multimedia presentation combining her poetry, painting, and composition–Language, Image, and Sound: A Multimedia Orchestration of Three Pieces (“Eliza’s Bird”, “Reprise”, and “In The Month of Haymaking”). Recently, she received a commendation from the British art magazine Aesthetica for her poem “Eliza’s Bird.” 

“Stepping forward”, “Love IV”, “Song For Her Children”, and “Life’s Essentials” are featured in the 2011 summer issue of ‘Avatar Review’.

“Ars oblivionalis”, “Aurora”, “Desire”, “The Month of Haymaking”, and “Die Nachtigall 2” will be featured in issue 40, 2011 of ‘Dichtungsring’.

“Cityscape” will serve as the cover of the October 2011 issue of ‘Numinous’.

“Evening Hym” is forthcoming in ‘The Foundling Review’.

Her paintings are collected locally and internationally.


Published work/s:

Living Quarters by Gerburg Garmann

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