Sklar, Denise Mostacci

Denise Mostacci Sklar is from Hamilton, Ma. She began life as a dancer, going on to study, live, teach and perform in New York City. She continued to dance and perform through motherhood as well as become a certified practitioner in the Gyrotonic method of bodywork. Recently, she has had the good fortune to discover writing as a new way to move through, remember and keep looking at life. She particularly enjoys the stillness …waiting for words to make an entrance. Her work has been published in Poetry Super Highway, LYRICAL of the Sommerville NEWS, Dark Lady Poetry, Wilderness House Literary Review, MFT-The Valley Review and will appear in an upcoming issues of Haunted Waters Press, Sword and Saga Press and Emerge Literary Journal.

Published work/s:

Homeless by Denise Mostacci Sklar

The Impressionists by Denise Mostacci Sklar

Winter Island by Denise Mostacci Sklar

Buddha Nature by Denise Mostacci Sklar

Veteran’s Day by Denise Mostacci Sklar

WINDOWS by Denise Mostacci Sklar

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