Sarmiento, Catori

Catori Sarmiento is an author who publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in several mediums. Though growing up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, she has traveled throughout much of the world and lived in Italy for a period of four years. Professionally, She is an English and Writing Professor at CentralTexasCollege, Pacific Far East Campus in Tokyo, Japan where she currently lives with her husband. Ms. Sarmiento has contributed fiction to Nothing. No One. Nowhere. by Virgogrey Press and will be a featured author in the winter 2012 edition of Crossed Out Magazine where a collection of her works will be published. She has also contributed non-fiction to Her Kind and This Boundless World and several academic essays published by Student Pulse. Ms. Sarmiento also has had poetry published by Poetry Wall and Cactus Heart Press.

Published work/s:

On a Japanese Street by Catori Sarmiento

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