Somlo, Patty

Patty Somlo has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times, was a finalist in the Tom Howard Short Story Contest and is the author of From Here to There and Other Stories. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including the Los Angeles Review, the Santa Clara Review, the Jackson Hole Review, WomenArts Quarterly, The Flagler Review, Guernica, and Switchback, and in six anthologies, including, Solace in So Many Words, winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award. She has work forthcoming in two anthologies entitled, Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt, and The California Prose Directory: New Writing From the Golden State. One Saturday a month, she joins other members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist congregation of Santa   Rosa, California to cook and serve breakfast to nearly 300 homeless men, women and children.

Published work/s:

Visiting From Out of Town by Patty Somlo

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