Wood, Zachary R.

Zach Wood2Zachary R. Wood is an American poet, essayist, and distinguished high school scholar who lives in Washington, D.C. A Portz Scholar and Quest Bridge Scholar, Wood is the recipient of two awards for outstanding achievement in the humanities for which he earned two gold medals from the Cum Laude Society and The National Society of High School Scholars, respectively. A finalist for The Larry Neal Writers’ Awards, Wood has also been published in Teen Ink, Cicada, Amazing Kids, The Adroit Journal, and Frodo’s Notebook. In 2012, Wood wrote a short essay entitled A Critique of American Education which was voted #1 for the month of November by Teen Ink. Wood’s work generally discourses themes of multiculturalism, philosophy, social justice, and American democracy. However, he has also written extensively on international relations, American politics, religion, economics, art, and the criminal justice system. In March of 2013, Wood wrote a fifty page essay of cultural criticism entitled Tupac Shakur: Understanding the Successes and Failures of a Wounded-Healer which was approved for publication by New Issues Press. 


Published work/s:

Epistemophilia: my cynosure – Zachary Royce Wood

A Turning of the Soul – Zachary Royce Wood

In these Eyes – Zachary Royce Wood


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